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  • Engnieers (Assembly Process)

    POST Engnieers (Assembly Process) DUTIES Be in charge of stuff about AssemblyProcess Efficiency Optimization and Exception Handling, etc. RECRUITMENT NUMBER 4~6 person DEADLINE JAN 1, 2015 ~ DEC 31, 2015 REQUIRMENTS ①、Education: Colle......【to view more】

  • From Concept to Design

    Identifying, selecting, and proving the best possible solution to a problem requires clarity of the requirements. It demands a critical approach to the problems needing to be solved and creativity in finding the best solution. By leveraging......【to view more】

  • Interview with an Engineer

    They design the stop buttons, assemble the tower lights, and carefully place each cam switch in its respective box to be shipped. Now that we’ve explained how our processes allow us to guarantee same-day shipping on over 15 million produc......【to view more】

  • A Tale of Two Switches

    Perhaps the most important attribute for pilot devices used in industrial automation applications is long-term reliability. Although pushbuttons, selector switches, and indicating lights may be some of the simplest components found in many......【to view more】

  • American Originals

    What is it that gives people the vision and drive to change the world? Was Andrew Carnegie born with something most men weren’t, or was he struck with a blinding bolt of inspiration that, when paired with hard work, led to something monum......【to view more】

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