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  • Remarkably Small. Noticeably Brighter.

    As an industry leader in pilot devices, our new 13mm pilot lights build upon our tradition of quality and innovation. Compact in size and rated for Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4/4X, 12 13 and IP20, these 13mm pilot lights deliver a quality, availabil......【to view more】

  • How to Manufacture Global Motor Control Devices

    How do you manufacture a product that might travel anywhere? Motor control devices need to work no matter the voltage, the person installing them, or the country where they end up. They also need to abide by safety codes, including overload......【to view more】

  • Interview with an Engineer

    They design the stop buttons, assemble the tower lights, and carefully place each cam switch in its respective box to be shipped. Now that we’ve explained how our processes allow us to guarantee same-day shipping on over 15 million produc......【to view more】

  • A Tale of Two Switches

    Perhaps the most important attribute for pilot devices used in industrial automation applications is long-term reliability. Although pushbuttons, selector switches, and indicating lights may be some of the simplest components found in many......【to view more】

  • Why Control Systems Matter

    From a machine builder OEM’s point of view, failure of a critical control system component can not only damage their reputation, but also necessitate very expensive repairs if the failure is a recurring problem instead of an isolated inci......【to view more】

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